Case Laws Related To Anti Competitive Agreements

3.1 Statements have been made: the two institutions have stated: (a) the coordinating committee is in fact a union of artists and technicians under the Trade Union Act and not a company. They were neither a person nor an association of persons involved in the manufacture, supply and distribution of goods, nor did they have access to services to attract Section 3, paragraph 1, which considered their behaviour to be anti-competitive; b) the artists and technicians of the coordination committee sold their work for the remuneration granted by the producers. They did not have control over the distribution and supply of products, nor had control over the production, programming, marketing and connection of series on the satellite channel; Therefore, their actions could not be anti-competitive; (c) their agitation against the broadcast of the synchronized series was to preserve the interest of the freedom of expression and expression of its members, a constitutional right within the meaning of Article 19, paragraph 1, point a), of the Indian Constitution … Section 3 (anti-competitive agreements) and 4 (abuse of dominant position) of the Competition Act 2002… If, in one case, the maintenance services and spare parts of that machine were made available to the informant with a delay of 2 to 3 days, which the informant had not strongly disputed, the Commission in this case conducted an analysis on the basis of an interim review of the provisions of the agreement and a preliminary examination of the effect of those clauses. Section 3 of the Act closed a prima facie case and opened further investigations. … measures to avoid anti-competitive agreements and abuses of dominance and to regulate market-distorting mergers and acquisitions. 3.

The old… read sections 3, 4 and 6 with sections 19 and 26 to 29 of the act. These are anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominance and regulation of combinations that… Section 3 (4) (anti-competitive agreements) and section 4 (1) (abuse of dominant position) of the law. This information has been recorded by the Commission and… Keep the amount of the reservation that will be aggregated on Rs.900 crores until the start of this vehicle. The PO is therefore accused of having entered into anti-competitive agreements within the meaning of Section 3 (1 of the Act).