Annwyn Studios

Annwyn Studios is a multi functional teaching, recording and rehearsal space. Private violin/fiddle lessons are available with a mixed genre approach that covers a  combination of selected Suzuki classical techniques with a variety of fiddle styles of the student’s own interests, such as celtic, old-timey, country, blues, rock and improvisational elements. A focus is placed on strong posture and tonal technique, as well as foundational theory and music reading skills in a fun and relaxed environment.
Also available is an introduction to electric violin with help exploring the wide world of electronic effects, how to amplify your instrument, and how to apply chordal improv techniques in band playing
The recording aspect of Annwyn Studios specializes in capturing great acoustic sound, with a wide array of options for recording live or layered tracks. Off-site live recording also available. We record everything from short demos and voiceovers, all the way to full albums complete with cd artwork.