Prydwen Biographies

Jennie Bice

Fiddle player/vocalist Jennie Bice came to Vancouver in search of players driven enough to go the speed she wanted, and bold enough to try some of her ideas, in Prydwen, the quest has ended. Bice’s various recordings and musical history span many genres including celtic, roots, jazz, blues, rock, cajun and classical which account for her unique playing style. You may have already seen her performances with Mad Pudding, Fear of Drinking and Kat Wahamaa, amongst others, and if you have, you’ll know she really lights up a stage!

Joe Samorodin

Joe’s roots stem from the west, a restless soul that causes him to redirect the energy of a performance into a non-stop dance that sometimes ends up in the audience! He feeds on this, and his fretless, fretted and upright bass playing reflects the many rhythms that have crossed his path becoming ensnared in his persona.

Greig Cairns

Greig’s penchant for musical walkabout has taken him all over the world. His infectious rhythm guitar playing brings audiences to their feet unable to resist dancing. Cairns has the uncanny ability to appeal to every age group with his energy and distinctive vocals. Also an accomplished songwriter, Greig is the epitome of strong Canadian talent.

Tim Readman

British/Canadian Tim Readman is a guitarist, singer and songwriter with a large repetoire of material and a well-honed sense of humour. Readman is capable of playing unplugged to a rapt audience in a small folk club, or cranking it up and blasting the audience into a dancing frenzy at a folk festival or nightclub. An absolute natural.

Tauras Biskis

Tauras has performed with countless premier concert and touring bands, and Prydwen is excited to have him on board. We met Tauras while on the 1998 tour in St. John’s Newfoundland, and were astounded by his broad range of percussive talents. He plays everything from bodhran, djembe and timbales to full kit drums plus anything in between. A true master.

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