“What the Chieftains would sound like were they in that canoe in Deliverance….Prydwen hold a meeting at that special musical area where Celtic reels and Appalachian Bluegrass merge!”
~Jesse T. – Listen.com

“When you embark on a voyage with Prydwen, batten down the hatches as they take off furiously over the waves with Jennie wearing her trademark leather hat……an
entertaining, high energy group”
~Catholine Butler, The Celtic Connection

“…..delivers a savvy and entirely danceable blend of the best of everything……..”
~Rogue Folk Music Magazine

“….this group is an entertaining, footstomping breath of fresh air. Give this band lots of room ‘cause they don’t stand still, and the stand-up bass has got some interesting dance steps…….a tight intelligent show”
~ West Coast Wooden Music Society

  • Richmond Tall Ships – mainstage, Richmond BC
  • Kelowna Mardi Gras – headlining, Kelowna BC
  • Speyfest – headlining, Fochabers, Scotland
  • Ben Nevis – concert, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Mission Folk Festival – mainstage, Mission BC
  • Newfoundland/Labrador Folk Festival – mainstage, St. John’s Newfoundland
  • Cloverdale Rodeo – mainstage, Langley BCWindsor/Detroit International Freedom Festival – headlining, Windsor, Ont.
  • Celtic Gathering Festival – headlining, London, Ont.
  • Vancouver East Cultural Centre – Vancouver, BC
  • Peace A-Chord Festival – mainstage, St.John’s Newfoundland
  • Harmony Arts Festival – headlining, West Vancouver, BC