Jennie Bice to perform at 1st Fridays on 1st

1st Fridays is a concept from the art/music world and is observed in numerous cities & towns around the globe.

By scheduling monthly public events – and including as many businesses as possible (working on that; watch this space) – the aim is to bring people to main street (1st Ave) to celebrate Mission & our community, to meet and connect with fellow residents, to discover all that the rejuvenated downtown core has to offer, and to support local businesses!

Come on down to our real estate private office/art gallery at Gallery 202 on 1st Avenue, Mission on Friday 3 Dec for live music from fiddle rockstar Jennie Bice, ceramics deals, prize draws and a good ol’ fashioned party!

All BC Provincial Health Orders will be followed for this in-person event. Vaccine passports will be checked at the door

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When you embark on a voyage with Prydwen, batten down the hatches as they take off furiously over the waves with Jennie wearing her trademark leather hat……an entertaining, high energy group
Catholine Butler
...delivers a savvy and entirely danceable blend of the best of everything...