June 12 - Noise on Tour - Theatrical production feat. Boris Sichon & Jennie Bice

Mission Children's Festival at Noon / Mission BC

Ukrainian percussionist Boris Sichon has lived and travelled in 40 countries, settling in B.C. in 2004. Sichon has worked with masters like Russian conductor Maxim Shostakovich in the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. A former singer in the Russian National Folkloric band, Xavier said he has a unique collection of well over 1,000 ethnic instruments in his home. And Ontario fiddler Jennie Bice moved to Mission years ago, mainly for her love of the folk festival, serving as host in the past. All three teach music in Mission, which Xavier says enriches the community.

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When you embark on a voyage with Prydwen, batten down the hatches as they take off furiously over the waves with Jennie wearing her trademark leather hat……an entertaining, high energy group
Catholine Butler
...delivers a savvy and entirely danceable blend of the best of everything...